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Fiberglass Panel Filters

The NEW Airex Polystrand odd size and standard size filters are manufactured using a fiberglass media that has been totally encapsulated in Polyb- an exclusive technology that results in an economical, high loft filtration media that is gentle, soft and safe. The combination of the fiberglass and Polyb allow the filter to reach MERV 5-6 in efficiency.


Polyester Panel Filters

Airex odd size polyester filters (PTA) are manufactured using the highest quality materials available. The filter media consists of a 100% dry polyester fiber that has been thermo bonded with a fire retardant resin. A tackifier can be added to enhance the overall efficiency of the media. The filter media is enclosed in a heavy duty moisture resistant Kraft board frame.


Pleated Air Filters

The Airex pleated filters are available in a wide range of sizes for all commercial, industrial and residential applications with efficiencies ranging from a MERV 8 to a MERV 11. The filter media is of a 100% synthetic, electrostatically charged, designed to attract and hold airborne contaminants. The enclosing frame is constructed of a rigid, heavy duty moisture resistant beverage board. The support members are an integral part of the frame and are bonded to each pleat on both sides to insure pleat spacing and stability. The filter pack is bonded to the inside periphery of the frame, thus eliminating the possibility of air bypass. The media support grid is available in a heavy expanded wire with an effective open area of not less than 93%. The wire grid is bonded to the filter media to eliminate the possibility of media oscillation and media pull away. The MERV 8 media is white and the MERV 11 media is white or yellow.


Trion Air Bear Replacements

The model AB-11 filter for the Trion (Air Bear) residential air cleaner system. No alterations or equipment modifications are required. The filter media is a 100% synthetic, electrostatically charged MERV 11 media, designed to attract and hold airborne contaminants. The support members with fingers are an integral part of the frame and are bonded to each pleat on both sides to insure pleat spacing and stability. Gaskets have been added on all four sides top and bottom for a tight seal into any housing.


Lifetime Air Filter

Airex EAF self-charging electrostatic air filters combine high efficiency, low pressure drop, maximum arrestance and large dust holding capacity in an easy to care for permanent filter. EAF filters are available in a 1 inch or 2 inch heavy-duty, aircraft type, coated aluminum frame, available in all standard sizes, as well as a variety of custom sizes. As air flows through the unique design of the five stage media, electrostatic action occurs, holding and containing particles of dirt in our specially designed storage chamber where they are trapped between the pre-filters on the upstream side and the final filters on the downstream side. EAF filters are lightweight, durable, washable, and easy to clean. Simply flush with water, shake dry, and place back in service. There is no foam or fillers used that could break down and shorten the life of the filter. This high quality filter will last ten years and beyond in most applications when cleaned properly.