Air-Pak Rigid Box Filters

The Airex Air-Pak filter is available in four different efficiencies 45-55% (MERV 10), 60-65% (MERV 11), 80-85% (MERV 13), and 90-95% (MERV 15). The MERV rating varies depending upon the materials used. The performance of the Air-Pak filter is not affected by changes in air velocity or fan shutdowns which makes it ideal for variable air volume systems. The 26 gauge galvanized steel enclosing frame and perimeter support on the header style filter make the Air-Pak the strongest filter of its type. The media is thoroughly bonded to the enclosing frame providing extra strength to the media pack and eliminating the possibility of air bypass. Waterproof plastic or metal pleat separators can be used to control spacing and prevent the pleated rows from collapsing. When a higher velocity filter is required we replace the cross sectional piece on the front and back of the filter with a 2x2 heavy welded wire grate. This gives added support in higher velocity systems where a GT filter may be used. CFM rating on GT Airpak 500-625 FPM. UL 900 approved class 2.

How to Correctly Measure Your Air Filter Size