DSC Dual Stage Carbon Filters

Airex Filter Corporation provides an effective solution for the removal of noxious odors, gases, and many other airborne contaminants which can cause potential health risks associated with poor indoor air quality. The Airex Carbon Media substrate is a polyester fiber, that has been impregnated with activated carbon, forming millions of pores and interconnected capillary passages which act as a molecular magnet to absorb molecules. The efficiency of the carbon substrate by itself is rated at under 20%. By backing a dust filtration media, fiberglass or polyester, with the impregnated activated carbon we achieve a dual filtration effect adding to the efficiency of the filter. The substrate filters the particulate matter, while the activated carbon filters the gas or vapor contaminants which can be more irritating or harmful on electronic components. Carbon media can also be added to the air leaving side of a MERV 8 or MERV 11 pleat  pack to help increase the overall efficiency. Technical data differs depending on material used in front of the carbon media.

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