EAF Electrostatic Filters

Airex EAF self-charging electrostatic air filters combine high efficiency, low pressure drop, maximum arrestance and large dust holding capacity in an easy to care for permanent filter. EAF filters are available in a 1 inch or 2 inch heavy-duty, aircraft type, coated aluminum frame, available in all standard sizes, as well as a variety of custom sizes. As air flows through the unique design of the five stage media, electrostatic action occurs, holding and containing particles of dirt in our specially designed storage chamber where they are trapped between the pre-filters on the upstream side and the final filters on the downstream side. EAF filters are lightweight, durable, washable, and easy to clean. Simply flush with water, shake dry, and place back in service. There is no foam or fillers used that could break down and shorten the life of the filter. This high quality filter will last ten years and beyond in most applications when cleaned properly.

Never buy another filter! Our permanent washable filter is designed to provide great value and last a lifetime. Unlike most Lifetime filters, we use absolutely no fillers that will break down in a short period of time. The Airex EAF electrostatic filter is manufactured using a heavy-duty aircraft type, coated, aluminum frame which will hold up to hundreds of washings. We offer each filter with four layers of polypropylene media designed allow electrostatic action to occur holding dirt particles in a specially designed chamber. No fillers like foam, polyester or fiberglass is used to fill our frame which deteriorates over time. This is the best and last filter you will ever buy. Cleaning Instructions: Clean Monthly by rinsing your filter with running water. For tough dirt and/or grease, use a mild detergent (i.e., 409 or Simple Green) and rinse thoroughly with warm water. 

  • The ONLY Lifetime Air Filter. Often imitated but never duplicated. No fillers that disintegrate over time. Just 100% monofilament media!
  • Reduces the number of pollutants and allergens in recirculated air and keeps your HVAC system clean. Month after Month, Year after Year.
  • Uses natural static electricity to attract and capture airborne particles. Washable - cleans up in minutes.
  • Designed to minimize initial resistance to airflow.
  • Manufactured using a heavy-duty aircraft type, coated, aluminum frame which will hold up to hundreds of washings.

Please measure accurately as we do not accept returned filters due to contamination of filter media.

How to Correctly Measure Your Air Filter Size