Econocell-II Mini-Pleat Filters

The Airex Econocell-II filter is fabricated using a rugged moisture resistant bonded frame with diagonal supports for maximum strength. The pleated media filter packs are made of water-laid micro fiber fiberglass or polyester media with a water-repellent binder which is bonded to the frame with a cured liquid sealant. Aluminum separators have been eliminated and replaced with the dimple pleat for maximum filtering material in an 4 inch depth. This design allow us to put additional square footage of material in each filter for the lowest pressure drop possible in this type of filter. The 4 inch depth allows this filter to be used in many existing filter housings. The result is a better flow rate, less shipping costs, lighter weight easy to handle, and less disposal costs. Available in 60-65% MERV 11, 80-85% MERV 13, and 90-95% MERV 15 efficiencies. The standard 4 inch Econocell II is designed to operate in temperatures up to 200 degrees F intermittent, 150 degrees F continuous. A higher temperature version of the Econocell II is available in a metal frame designed to operate in temperatures up to 750 degrees F continuous. This filter is rated UL 900 Class 2 for low fire insurance rating.

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