Grease & Baffle Metal Permanent Filters

The Airex Grease & Fire Baffle filter is manufactured with heavy 24 gauge galvanizes steel through out, including the baffles themselves. Two layers of baffles are carefully aligned to eliminate the direct passage of flame and grease through the filters. The heavy gauge makes all the difference when it comes to a superior baffle filter. Secured in place, the baffle pad will not shift or bend when being handled. Because of the extra weight, the filter won’t vibrate when installed. The baffles are constructed from 24 gauge galvanized steel, roll formed in a unique pattern that allows the grease to easily drain as well as gives the filter extra strength. The pad is framed in a heavy galvanized steel frame, riveted on one side giving the filter the extra strength needed. Many hours of designing and testing has gone into the Airex Grease & Fire Baffle filter. Designed with the hood cleaning service companies in mind, these filters are made to hold up through numerous cleanings.


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