Superflow Quad V-Bank Rigid Cartridge Filters

The Airex Superflow-Quad uses minipleat technology typically found in HEPA and ULPA filters to produce a high efficient, low resistant filter with up to 120 square feet of media. Lower resistance means lower energy demand, longer service life, and lower maintenance costs. The Superflow- Quad can handle up to 500 FPM, which makes it the perfect solution when the need for high efficiency and low resistance meet high airflow requirements and space constraints. The Quad has less media than the Superflow V to make it cost effective for applications where the Superflow V is not needed. The filter frame is made of a fire retardant ABS plastic with vertical supports to provide a lightweight filter. Service personal prefer the SFVQ over many of the other cell filters because of its lightweight and ease of transporting and installing. The Superflow-Quad is available in 65% and 95% ASHRAE efficiencies and has a UL 900 class 2 listing.

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