Polyester Air Filters

Airex polyester filters are manufactured using the highest quality materials available. The filter media consists of Polyester Synthetic Fibers (PSF) dry or tacky produced from 100% high bulk polyester fibers that are thermo bonded with a fire retardant resin. PSF makes an excellent pre-filter for expensive high efficiency and absolute filters. It is extremely resilient and will withstand direct moisture. PSF is an ideal alternative in areas where spun glass is not recommended. The filter media can be treated with an anti-microbial agent when required then enclosed in a heavy duty moisture resistant Kraft board frame, and is available with or without front and back #28 Gage metal retainers securely fastened to the frame to increase overall rigidity of the filter. Beaded hot melt adhesive bonds the entire perimeter of each frame securing the media in the frame when metal is not used. The outer frame indicates size, airflow direction, and the filter's UL Class 2 rating.

Please measure accurately as we do not accept returned filters due to contamination of filter media.

How to Correctly Measure Your Air Filter Size