Septic Vent Filters

The Airex Septic Vent filter was developed as an inexpensive solution for the adsorption of septic gases as a result of build up and release of gases through the vent pipe usually at the end of a leaching field. The SVC4 filter is easily attached to the end of the 4” vent pipe as a permanent part of the system. When the filter pack becomes saturated and is no longer effective, simply remove and dispose of the entire end cap and filter. Replace with a new Airex filter cap (#FRSVC4) with the carbon filter material pre installed (one unit). This type of carbon filtration has been very effective in respirators, pet care products and radon gas adsorption, just to name a few. Now it is being put to use in an area where it was not available before. The Airex septic vent filter uses an effective three stage filtration method. The first stage filter, which has been bonded to the inner filter cap, is a media that has gone through a process which chemically bonds activated carbon to the fibers. The second stage consists of a layer of granular carbon pellets, and the third stage is a repeat of stage one, to capture any odors that rarely pass through stage one or stage two. It is recommended to replace the filter pack as obnoxious odors reappear.


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