Space-Guard Replacements

The Aprilaire 213 Filter Media Replacement 2210 & 4200 is a replacement air cleaner air filter used in the model 4200, 3210, and 2210 Aprilaire air cleaners, as well as the 2120 and 2200 models when used with the required upgrade kit. The Aprilaire 2200 filter features a high efficiency MERV 13 rating that will provide a significant improvement in indoor air quality. Aprilaire recommends that the Aprilaire 201 filter be replaced at least once a year to achieve the best possible results.

The Spacegard 2200 filter captures pollen and mold spores (up to 90%), dust (up to 90%), fungi, pet dander and other airborne allergens in your air. The Aprilaire model 2200 filter is an upgrade over Aprilaire MERV 10 filters because this MERV 13 filter is also capable of capturing bacteria and virus carrying particles (75%). Because this is a genuine Aprilaire filter media replacement, the Aprilaire 2210 filter features Aprilaire's patented SelfSeal to ensure a proper seal and easy installation.


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